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MTB ROUTE: The great East of Devero

Valli dell'Ossola
18,00 km
700 m
Difference in altitude
3-6 hours
Difficult, Expert level, Technical

SEASON From June to October

From the car park of Devero you climb to the small church, continues straight on and half way across the upland take the unmade road that climbs Crampiolo. Behind the church of Crampiolo is the start of the track which climbs very steeply to the small dam of Lake Devero (a stretch where cycling is difficult) and then continue along the path half way up the hill skirting the lake. After the Rio della Valle, then the Rio of the Satta you come to a short but very steep stretch paved with slabs that climbs rises to the Spygher hut. From here the path continues steep and quite an uneven but a little further on you come to the Alpe Canaleccio where the path continues with moderate gradient and flat sections in the so-called Valle delle Marmotte. When you reach the bottom of the valley you can catch a glimpse of Lake Pianboglio. Here the path starts to climb very steeply with some hairpin bends. With a last stretch on the hillside you finally reach the Alpe Forno in scenery which is breathtaking for the vastness of the pastures. For the whole route follow the track used for pasture. We are in the area that produces Bettelmatt cheese.
Some stretches are very steep and difficult to cycle on (also due to the rough surface of the path), such as the climb from Crampiolo to the small dam, the climb from Spigher to Canaleccio and the stretch of hairpin bends before the Alpe Forno. But it is worth it: the panorama is fantastic!
From the Alpe Forno to the Alpe della Satta you follow a wide almost flat path. Be careful from the Alpe della Satta to the Alpe della Valle as the path is narrow, crosses the hillside and is rather exposed. From the bridge on the Rio della Valle you climb again briefly (stretch where cycling is impossible), then you cycle through flattish grasslands to Corte Corbernas. From here there is a short climb and then the path drops down to the Alpe Sangiatto where you come to the ski slope that leads to Crampiolo and then to Devero.

The route overall is difficult but it is one of the tours most beautiful of Ossola: the spectacle will recompense the effort.

AUTHOR Alessandro Pirocchi

28861 - Baceno (VB)

46.313723801257, 8.2605385780334

46.313723801257, 8.2605385780334


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