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Baceno is a town in the Antigorio Valley, known for its natural beauty and its artistic, historical and cultural heritage. 

Through Alpe Devero, the landscape opens onto the Veglia-Devero Natural Park, the province’s highest expression of naturalistic excellence. Located in the middle of the valley, this locality offers tourists many opportunities for hiking, in both summer and winter, and skiing. The current municipality is formed by two main centres, Baceno and Croveo, surrounded by frazioni. The recommended itinerary follows the route marked on the legend: it begins with the Monumental Church of S. Gaudenzio. The sacred building stands on a rocky spur. The original nucleus, datable to around 1000, has been expanded several times after its original construction, but the different architectural styles have integrated harmoniously and together with a decorative interior of great value, make this church unique in the Alps. Passing in front of the Town Hall (1859), hikers reach the village of Cuggine, a ‘mountain pass settlement’ along the Albrunpass merchant road. Hikers continue on to Croveo, one of the most characteristic hamlets, because of the commemoration, in the month of July, of the story of the ‘Witches of Antigorio’ - citizens persecuted during the Inquisition. 

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46.26151920011, 8.31951565