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MTB ROUTE: Macugnaga and the Lago delle Fate

Valli dell'Ossola
10,00 km
250 m
Difference in altitude
1-3 hours

SEASON May - October

A round trip through the villages of Macugnaga with a climb to the beautiful Fairylake (Lago delle Fate) in Quarazza Valley.

Departure from the car park of the chairlift of Belvedere in Pecetto (1369 m). Behind the chairlift departure station take the track that retraces the route of the ski slope and before crossing the river take the track to the right, leaving behind you the helicopter landing pad on the left and with a long wide curve you arrive above Pecetto along the unmade track that runs along the foot of the slope. In the vicinity of the sports area close to the river that descends from Alpe Bill you continue downhill and come to the Vecchia Chiesa di Staffa (Old Church of Staffa) with its age-old linden tree. Crossing the whole town and the historic centre of Staffa with its typical wooden houses you come to the central square. After crossing the river you come to the Parish Church and drop along Via Ludovico Jacchetti to the point where you enter a nice wide lane that continues down to the bridge over the River Anza. After the bridge you meet the unmade road that drops to Isella. Before reaching the town a track branches off on the right and begins to climb with a moderate slope until you reach the beautiful Lago delle Fate. From the lake you returns to Isella and retrace the outgoing road as far as the bridge on the way to Staffa. Here you continue without passing through the town and passing through Opaco you climb to the point of departure.

AUTHOR Alessandro Pirocchi

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28876 - Macugnaga (VB)

45.9724873, 7.9533544

45.9724873, 7.9533544


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