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MTB ROUTE - Granfondo Prerrese

Lago d'Orta
17,30 km
550 m
Difference in altitude
1-3 hours

Municipalities/locations included: Prerro (Pogno) - Alpe Nuovo - Rastiglione - Alpe Rosa - Alpe del Bernardo - Prerro

Starting from the church in Prerro, a hamlet of Pogno, we turn left uphill up Via Giroldi and then into Via Fontana, still uphill. 

We pass the aqueduct basins and continue uphill until reaching two old huts called "Alpe Nuovo". After a few dozen metres, we turn right onto the path that reaches the border between Pogno (No) and Valduggia (Vc). At the end of this stretch, after the descent, we turn left following the dirt road to Rastiglione (hamlet of Valduggia) where the asphalt road begins again. 

We continue straight ahead between the houses, passing a chapel on the left and following the signs for the "Alpe Rosa" farmhouse along a road that is  unpaved in alternating stretches. Our gaze sweeps over the enchanting view of Monte Rosa. 

We continue uphill until we reach the highest point of the itinerary at an altitude of 896 m: at the next crossroads, we continue straight ahead to return to the territory of Pogno to the "Alpe Pin" or "Alpe del Bernardo". 

We continue past a pine forest and descend on a steep slope, soon reaching the aqueduct and then the asphalt road in Via Madonna del Sasso. 

We now turn left, following the signs for the locality "Mulino" and keep to the left to join a dirt road that  then ascends to the right to reach the locality "Pianon". 

We continue in the direction of Pogno, coming out into Via Lera where we turn left along Via Don Oietti. We continue along the tarmac road back to Prerro, but near the first right-hand bend uphill we must take a path that climbs to the left into the woods. 

Two short, not perfectly cyclable climbs allow us to reach a flat section near the area known as "Pistino". We then descend on the right-hand side and go up in the direction of the parish church, our arrival point.

There are many practicable routes in this area and there is also a bike park with downhill tracks. For more information, visit

Sights: The Church of San Bernardo in Prerro, painted walls in Pogno.

Project and implementation by Fabio Valeggia

Clearsky night
Clear sky
28076 - Pogno (NO)

45.756125651185, 8.37975885

45.756125651185, 8.37975885


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