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Museo dello Scalpellino

Lago d'Orta

A museum that celebrates work!

Born from the desire to highlight a craft that has characterised this area of western Cusio for almost two centuries, the Madonna del Sasso Stonemasonry Museum aims to make known and deepen the historical experience of the life and work of its inhabitants.
The hard work of the stonemasons.
The museum's primary focus is the complex and dangerous work of the stonemasons, who worked from the first decades of the 19th century until the second half of the 20th century and lived through the vicissitudes of many local families and communities. A museum, therefore, that exhibits tools, artefacts, and documents, but above all, through videos and historical and iconographic research, "tells" the story of the stonemasonry craft, in which the people of Cusio were world-renowned masters. 
It is a museum that can give a fair answer to the questions of the traveller who, after having travelled along the two shores of Lake Orta, cannot help but wonder when the imposing and fascinating granite peak of the Madonna del Sasso comes into view.

Ramp access for persons with reduced mobility.
Schools: approx. 20 people at a time

Credit: Archivio Fotografico Distretto Turistico dei Laghi - Susy Mezzanotte and Marco B. Cerini

+39 0322 981177
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Piazza Europa
28894 - Madonna del Sasso (frazione Boleto) (VB)

45.792516800008, 8.36935075

45.792516800008, 8.36935075