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Lago d'Orta

The mouth of the stream Pescone. The stream originates from the nearby Mt. Mottarone. The village touristic facilities offer a generous choice of well managed lodging possibilities in local hotels and camping areas, both on the lakeside and in the surrounding hill area. The region has a long tradition of woodworking craftsmanship as well as fruit and vegetable cultivation. Of special interest is certainly the village church with its two bell towers, located on the main road through Pettenasco. One of the towers is the sole remaining part of the pre-dating Romanesque Church of St. Audenzio. Inside the church one can enjoy numerous frescos which have recently been restored, such as “The Marriage of St. Catherine”, located behind the main altar. Not far from the church is the elegant railway viaduct, at the opening of the lush green Pescone Valley with its well known “Paganetto-Water” springs. A pleasant pastime is certainly the romantic walkway along the lake coast, far from the noise and traffic. Along this walk are various villas, flowergardens and small coves. Another attraction is the main square in the center of the village adorned with the 19th century City Hall building (in which there are interesting documents about the ancient origins of the village). The medieval house facing the same square houses the Tourist Office “Pettenasco Nostra”, and an exhibition of wines from the local region, among them the famous Nebbiolo-Ghemme called “Riviera di San Giulio”. To point out: an interesting visit to the wooden turning Art collection, set in a renewed wood-turning factory by the canal Molinara.

A small village, part of the community of Pettenasco, nestled in the lush green of Mt. Barro. Each year on St.Martin’s Day, the ceremony of “Ufficio della Secchia” is carried out in the small church of the same patron Saint. This tradition dates back to a time when taxes were still collected by the clergy from the local inhabitants. Next to the church is the “Circolo Fratellanza”, where refreshments are served. One can enjoy an attractive view point of Lake Orta from “Punta Crabbia”. 

On the way up to the mountains one passes through the small village of Pratolungo located on a sunny hillside terrace. Its chestnut tree shrouded main road leads to the village church “Our lady of the Snow”, built in 1683. Each year, on the first Sunday of August, a church festival takes place here. The Chapel of St. Grato Oratorio, which predates the church, can be found in the village center by the old well. In the summer months dance enthusiasts can enjoy a round at the local “Circolo” (bistro) on the weekends. The Osteria “Madonna della Neve” serves Italian wines and specialities. In autumn the traditional “Castagnata” (Chestnut Roast Festival) takes place to which all are invited.

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45.817339700092, 8.4086057