Valli dell'Ossola

Among pinewoods and spellbinding landscapes: 20 km of natural slopes connecting the key hubs on the valley floor
In Santa Maria Maggiore, at an altitude of 800 metres, the Cross Country Centre is located. From there, a competitive level track (15km) winds through the areas of Malesco and Druogno: from Valle Loana it is possible to access a 5 km circuit in the Val Grande National Park. There are many easy and intermediate tracks for beginners.
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Lying on a plateau in the Lepontine Alps at an average altitude of 800 metres is the Vigezzo Valley, the only one of the seven Ossola valleys that stretches from west to east. Lush greenery, woods, meadows and alpine lakes offer endless opportunities for walks in nature: a true way to relax.
The Vigezzo Valley, with its seven municipalities, is known as the “Valley of the Painters“, for its ancient tradition of artists, portrait painters and landscape artists.
The beating heart of the valley is Santa Maria Maggiore, a delightful village particularly appreciated for its gentle plateau surrounded by expanses of conifers. In addition to the Rossetti Valentini School of Fine Arts, you can also enjoy the Chimney Sweep Museum here. Another delightful place is Craveggia, a small village of peasant origin that has been transformed into anopen-air museum, with stately houses, picturesque fireplaces, decorations and wall frescoes. And then also Re, a hub of the Valley with its majestic Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna del Sangue. From Malesco you can reach the Loana Valley, gateway to the Val Grande National Park, the largest wilderness area in Europe, while at Druogno, the terraced fields of Coimo are particularly fascinating. Villette, which also houses a museum displaying the culture of the Alps, this being the land of sundials, the sundials that marked the hours for the whole community.
Throughout the year you can also cross the valley by hopping aboard the charming small train of the Vigezzina-Centovalli. The railway line starts in Domodossola and crosses the Vigezzo Valley and the Centovalli, reaching Locarno, Switzerland. A charming journey, on-board a panoramic, scenic train, enabling you to admire a mountain landscape that is evocative in each and every season.

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