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STARTER - "Lingotto di Mergozzo"

Recipe for 10 people

840 g lake trout
20 g raspberry gelatin
120 g black vinegar bread
Wild flowers

For the smoked trout:
700 g trout “a baffa”
23.3 g sugar
93.3 g integral salt

For the raspberry gelatin (45 g):
30 g raspberry vinegar
20 g sugar
0.5 g agar agar

For the black vinegar bread:
10 g bread slices
50 g balsamic vinegar
1 g activated charcoal

For the smoked trout:
Prepare the trout, add seasoning and let it marinate for 6 hours. Rinse off the excess salt, dry and smoke with cypress needles. Let the fish set in the refrigerator for a day before removing the bones and cleaning. Make 10 “lingotti” (bar-shaped portions), 70 g each, from the “baffa” smoked trout. Use a piece of plastic wrap to give each piece a cylindrical shape, and let them set for another day in the refrigerator.

For the raspberry gelatin:
Make the raspberry gelatin by combining the ingredients and bringing the mixture to a boil. Spread the mixture in a pan and break it up with a whisk.

For the black vinegar bread:
Eliminate the bread crust. Dissolve the charcoal in the vinegar and let the bread absorb the liquid. Dehydrate overnight. Put in the blender and mince into large crumbs.

Garnish and presentation:
Place the cylinder shaped "lingotto" in the centre of the plate. Make a line of black bread crumbs and raspberry gelatin on top of the "lingotto". Garnish with fresh flowers.