Food & Wine

SECOND COURSE - Sturgeon in orange sauce with potato and wood sorrel cream and “strozzo” bread with juniper

Recipe for 6 people

For the sturgeon:
1.3 k sturgeon fillets
1 orange peel
Extra-virgin olive oil to taste

For the potato and wood sorrel cream:
300 g boiled potatoes
150 ml whole milk
25 g butter
1 bunch of blanched wood sorrel
Salt, to taste

For the "strozzo" bread with juniper:
125 g 00 flour
65 g cold butter
1 egg
2.5 g rock salt
Juniper berries

For the sturgeon:
Fillet the sturgeon, cut into pieces, but into sparkling water for 1 minute to achieve the correct level of acidification. Dry with paper towels. Place in vacuum bags with orange peel and extra-virgin olive oil. Steam or cook with a Roner Clip for 20 minutes at 60°C.

For the potato and wood sorrel cream:
Boil the potatoes in salted water until they are done, then mash them. Add hot milk, wood sorrel and butter. Add the salt, whip and run through a sieve. Pour the hot whipped potato mixture into the siphon. Keep the siphon warm in a bain-marie (max 70°C).

For the "strozzo" bread with juniper:
Mix the flour, butter and salt with the juniper berries. Add the egg, form a ball and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for 1 hour in the refrigerator. Form the "strozzi" (the shape is similar to that one of Italian gnocchi) and bake at 180°C for 10-15 minutes.