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Valli dell'Ossola

Mountain thrills at your fingertips. 

Dotted with stone houses, the area around Crodo is the perfect example of a pristine natural landscape, and the silence that reigns in remote places. 
The frazioni of Mozzio, Viceno and Cravegna lie on two sunny balconies of the largest orographic terrace of the Antigorio Valley. They are connected by a beautiful panoramic road that finds its natural conclusion on the opposite side of the valley, at Maglioggio. 
The wood pasture district that extends to the slopes of Mount Cistella favours animal husbandry and the production of cheeses that local restaurant owners serve along with local cold cuts, fresh meat, bread, honey and herbs. 
Visitors can enjoy many paths leading to the mountain pastures by walking, running or mountain bike. The most spectacular is the climb up to Cistella peak, three thousand metres of rare beauty. Many of the routes are also safe for excursions in winter using snowshoes or mountaineering skis. Bouldering enthusiasts will find their paradise in Foppiano, but there are many other sports available in the area. Moreover, Crodo is in a central position with respect to the most important ski resorts of Ossola: Domobianca, San Domenico, Devero and Formazza.

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46.223493550072, 8.32344755