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MuMaG, ecomuseo del granito di Montorfano

Lago di Mergozzo

The Pink Marble and Granite Museum

The museum, located in the municipal building that housed the town's kindergarten from 1929 to 1984, was created by the Val Grande National Park in collaboration with the Municipality of Mergozzo, with the vital contribution of materials and documents collected by the Mergozzo Archaeological Group and marble artefacts from the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo in Milan. The aim is to preserve and disseminate knowledge about these precious materials, their processing, and the journey these stones have taken to Milan and other destinations in the world.

In the two rooms on the ground floor, visitors can follow the journey of marble and granite from the famous Cava Madre di Candoglia along the waterway to Milan and understand the different processes that have made these stones so renowned worldwide. The space is also dedicated to the artistic use of marble and granite, with works by the Danish artist Eva Sørensen and a small, precious pink marble sculpture by Giovan Battista Tedeschi.

For groups, including school groups. Group maximum 20-25 people

Credits: Ecomuseo del Granito di Montorfano - Mergozzo

+39 0324 87540
Via Francia, 29
28802 - Mergozzo (VB)

45.983409887006, 8.4145188331604

45.983409887006, 8.4145188331604