Lago di Mergozzo

Lake Mergozzo is a real corner of peace just a few kilometers away from where the Toce River meets Lake Maggiore. In this basin, this small yet lovely mirror of water has its origin. The great alluvial floods isolated the main lake’s bight five centuries ago, forming a separate lake named after the village that overlooks it.
About 2.5 km long and 74 meters deep at most, it is a famous beach, canoeing, and fishing activity location.
The prehistoric finds located on the terraces above Mergozzo show that humans settled there at least 5000 years ago. Thanks to its position of passage, it became crucial in Roman times.
These are the typical characteristics of the village of Mergozzo that make it an incredibly special destination: the ancient Ruga and Scarpia roads, the sacred monuments in Romanesque style as the Church of San Giovanni Battista on the Montorfano and the small Church of S. Marta in the center of the village and the stone houses in the ancient village of Sasso.
On the lakeside, there is a centuries-old elm tree with a trunk that is now basically hollow, which was recognized as a “monumental tree of Piedmont”.

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45.961204117396, 8.4494090080261