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The ‘Four-leaved clover’ of Ameno - Turqouise Ring

The ‘Four-leaved clover’ of Ameno consists of four circular trails covering a total of 33.6 kms with a total elevation gain of 1,215 meters. The lowest alttude is 324 metres and the highest is 791 metres. The average walking time of the 4 trails is 12 hours and 90% can be covered by mountain bike or on horseback.

Turquoise ring – sign-posted 2 o AA
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Ameno\Molino di Mezzo\Pisogno\Cascine Pezzasco\Ameno
6.2 Km\2 hours, moderate difficulty
154 m elevation gain \538 m maximum height
Mountain bike accessibility 95%
Horse accessibility 95%

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