2 BLOGGER TOURS discovering TVA-Trenino Verde delle Alpi

The Distretto Turistico dei Laghi, in collaboration with DMO Visit Piemonte and the City of Domodossola, has organized two tours in the Ossola Valleys for the bloggers "Marta_una valigia di sogni" and "In Viaggio col tubo" to promote on the IG and FB the experience of the Interreg Project TVA-Trenino Verde delle Alpi.
The tours took place between the beautiful city of Domodossola and the Vigezzo Valley, visiting museums, historical and religious buildings and traveling on the Vigezzina Centovalli train.
Funny and dynamic stories on social channels have witnessed the scenic, historical, cultural and food and wine beauty of the territory of the Distretto Turistico dei Laghi.

In collaboration with DMO Visit Piemonte and City of Domodossola

Ph. Patrizia Zanetta e Annabelle Ricca