Food & Wine


The lakes offer a range of delicious sweets and tasty biscuits with gianduja cream: Margheritine from Stresa, Imperialine and Reginette from Omegna, Fugascina from Mergozzo, Intresine from Intra and Amaretti from Pallanza, small sweets produced by local businesses that are distinguished by the trademark "Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana". Citrus fruit cultivations are common in the northern end of Lake Maggiore: lemons, oranges, citron, and grapefruit are used to make cakes, teas, liqueurs and jams. Among these is the canarone, an ancient hybrid lemon-citron fruit, indigenous to Cannero Riviera, which can be enjoyed fresh or as marmalade. Its candied peel has a slightly pungent aromatic flavour. On Lake Orta, the Pane di San Giulio is a bread made from rye flour, raisins and nuts. It is prepared fresh for the saint’s feast day on 31 January. Traditionally, the classic black bread originated in Coimo in the Vigezzo Valley, but it is now produced throughout the Ossola region. Its sweet version is stuffed with walnuts, figs and raisins, and is known as crescenzin. The torta di pane e latte is a typical mountain cake made with milk, stale bread, cocoa and raisins. It has rosemary or bay leaves on the surface, and is baked in a terracotta pot.