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The “salumi” from the Ossola Valleys are made with meats rich in the flavours and fragrances of the land where they are prepared. One of the most famous products is Prosciutto Ham of Vigezzo, with its elegantly smoked flavour, produced in the Vigezzo Valley. In Santa Maria Maggiore, this meat preparation has obtained a local quality mark called “Denominazione Comunale di Origine (DeCo)”, which safeguards the recipe and enhances the value of the traditional preparation process. Other interesting cured meats are the prosciutto of goat meat called violino di capra with its traditional fragrance and hints of wild game, oak and juniper; the liver "mortadella" sausage made either into a straight shape or a twisted doughnut shape; and the delicately spiced Brisaula della Val d’Ossola, a beef cold cut made from silver side, eye of round and lard aromatized with alpine herbs. The fragrance of Ossola's cold cuts conveys hints of meat with a scent of wood or forest undergrowth and nuts that accompany the sensations of softness, sweetness, succulence and a buttery consistency.