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Museo dell’Arte della Tornitura del Legno

Lago d'Orta

Museum Network: Ecomuseo del Lago d’Orta e Mottarone

A permanent collection dedicated to the art of woodturning.

The Museum of the Art of Woodturning is located in Pettenasco, a small village on the shores of Lake Orta, in an old woodturning workshop owned by the Maulini family, who ran the business from 1886 to 1970.
The museum houses a permanent collection dedicated to the art of woodturning. The museum organises exhibitions, events, guided tours, cultural meetings, and educational workshops.
The building also houses an information centre, a point of reference for the town, and an attraction for tourists in the area, where information on products, itineraries, projects, and events can be found.
The Pettenasco Pro Loco Association manages the Museum of Art and Woodturning.

Accessibility: the museum is located on the ground floor
Schools: 25 students at a time (approximately)

Credit: Archivio Fotografico Distretto dei Laghi - Lorenzo Pipi

+39 345 9956357
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Via Vittorio Veneto 10
28028 - Pettenasco (NO)

45.8169217, 8.4102381

45.8169217, 8.4102381