Valli dell'Ossola

Crevoladossola is a municipality made up of 5 main hamlets (Caddo, Preglia, Crevola, Oira, Pontemaglio), and over 200 ancient nuclei of exceptional architectural value. The current municipality, which branches off from the borders of Domodossola towards the entrance to the Antigorio and Divedro Valleys, is the result of the merger of the municipalities of Caddo, Preglia and Crevola which took place with Royal Decree in 1928. The Town Hall is located in Crevola, a hamlet of Selva (336 meters above sea level) where the castle of the noble Da Silva family once stood.

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46.156113151751, 8.3041405677795

46.156113151751, 8.3041405677795