Valli dell'Ossola

Alpine skiing paradise 10 km of slopes
Alpe Devero is the ideal place for people who love off-track skiing: children and adults of every level will enjoy skiing here on tracks ranging from easy to intermediate levels of difficulty. This is the home of freeriding and off-track mountaineering skiing, and a safe area is in the valley of Misanco, amid the larch woods.
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In the Alpe Veglia – Devero Nature Park, in an alpine environment that is both gentle yet wild, you can do nothing less but admire a landscape formed of majestic peaks surrounding alpine pastures, vast meadows and pastures, embellished by luscious blooms. In the heart of the Alps, this is a natural park of rare beauty, an unspoilt paradise with abundant alpine vegetation and fauna.
With more than 60 walks on offer, ranging from easy to challenging, you can immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere of this park. All these walks link to the Piana del Veglia, which can be reached by a hiking trail from the tourist resort of San Domenico di Varzo, and Alpe Devero. The natural environment is characterized by broad pastures surrounded by larch woods, with an undergrowth of rhododendrons and blueberries, which blend into the high altitude meadows. The extensive variety of environments encourages the growth of numerous floristic and faunal species of significant natural interest. There’s a great selection of traditional restaurants in the alpine pastures of Devero, providing tasty snacks and meals.

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46.315339267724, 8.2598304748535

46.315339267724, 8.2598304748535