Vergante and the flowers of Lake Maggiore

Lago Maggiore

Vergante overlooks the low and middle Lake Maggiore, in fact its name means “looking down”.
A few minutes from the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, there is a land all to be discovered, full of secluded charm, made up of small villages with steep and narrow streets, plenty of green space, stone and water, Romanesque bell towers that rise on top of quiet hills, forests and meadows with grazing cows, amazing spring blooms, miles of trails, breathtaking landscapes overlooking the lake and the Alps.

This is an enchanting land all year round. In the summer, trekking along the well-maintained trails is so enjoyable. In the fall, the warm colors make even more pleasant gastronomic tours to discover the local cuisine that combines the products of the forest with those of the lake and the countryside. In spring, nature is all to be admired with the unique flowers of Lake Maggiore that include azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons. In winter, it is perfect for skiing and taking a break from the routine.
A land full of traditions, events, art and culture, and exciting initiatives.
Vergante: a welcoming and generous land.
Vergante refers to the eastern section of the hills that separate Verbano from Cusio, whose range ends with Mottarone, in the Stresa area. Therefore, it is the mountain side that overlooks the lower and middle Lake Maggiore. Its placename, in fact, means “overlooking or sloping down”.
The area is split between the provinces of Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.
There is a “high” road that runs parallel to the coastal road of Lake Maggiore starting from Arona and crossing Oleggio Castello, Paruzzaro, Invorio, a few Meina hamlets, Pisano with its detour to Colazza, Nebbiuno, Massino Visconti, Brovello Carpugnino and then down to Belgirate through Comnago and Calogna, finally reaching, passing through Lesa and Meina, Arona.
By completing this loop, it is possible to enjoy a wonderful excursion. Each stretch multiplies into several possible routes that allow choosing which villages to visit or which points of interest to reach. But it is only by leaving your car and continuing by foot, in the historical centers or along the extensive network of paths, that you will appreciate all the beauty of these places. A main itinerary, many possible complementary routes for walks in the midst of nature and culture. And, why not, many different possibilities of stopping to discover the hospitality of Vergante, to practice sports, to taste typical products or simply for a relaxing break.

The hills of the Vergante region (and Verbano lakeside resorts) are famous for the excellent cultivation of azaleas,
rhododendrons and camellias. A mild climate and the typical acidic soil are the elements that make Italy famous for the cultivation of these flowers. Since 1992 the “Fiori Tipici del Lago Maggiore” (typical flowers of Lake Maggiore) logo has guarantees a real quality production and identifies a high specialized profession practiced in the flower district of the Lake Maggiore Western territory.

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