The Uriezzo Gorges

Valli dell'Ossola

The Uriezzo Gorges are deep ravines hollowed out by the erosive action of the rushing water, which flowed under the ice that once covered the entire Formazza Valley. Today they probably represent the most perfect image of the ancestral molding of a territory, which is extraordinarily rich of fascinating and unique evidence of geological history. Gorges (Baceno, Arvera, Santa Lucia, Balmasurda, Silogno), geysers (Croveo), particular rocks (Verampio) and ravines (Balmafredda) welcome visitors in the heart of the earth.
The distinctive feature of the Uriezzo Gorges is that, since water no longer flows through these narrow and deep incisions in the rock, it is possible to walk inside three of them.
The existing complex ecosystem is another notable feature: various plant species can easily be observed, particularly mosses and ferns, which are able to adapt themselves to these difficult environmental conditions.

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