Linea Cadorna

Lago Maggiore, Valli dell'Ossola

The Cadorna Line is the defence system that was built near the Swiss border during World War I at the behest of General Luigi Cadorna, the then Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, who feared a German-Austrian invasion through neutral Switzerland.

The immense defence structure, built between the summer of 1915 and the spring of 1918, stretched from Ossola to Verbano and into Lombardy, becoming a dense network of military roads and mule tracks, trenches, artillery positions, lookout posts, camp hospitals and logistical facilities, barracks and outposts.

The work was carried out by local bricklayers and stonemasons and women also played a fundamental role in the construction of the defence line, particularly in transporting material and supplies to the work sites.

The Cadorna Line was never used for war purposes and today this military road is a historical heritage site that allows the community to learn about a historical moment of the 20th century.

It is also a natural heritage of trails for trekking and mountain-biking enthusiasts, offering routes that can be travelled almost all year round (be careful in the event of recent snowfall).

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