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Villa Bossi

Lago d'Orta

Known today as the Town Hall, this villa is endowed with a beautiful garden overlooking the lake. The structure consists of an L-shaped building with three floors.
The facade looks towards the lake, giving visitors a beautiful, expansive view with Pella, Ronco and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso in view. Built on the site of a previous medieval structure, of which part of the wall face and five portals are preserved, the building has undergone several alterations and extensions over the centuries; a number of restorations are relatively recent.
Indeed, the interior only has a limited selection of furniture from the past.

+39 0322 911972
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Via Bossi n.11
28016 - Orta San Giulio (NO)

45.799792669964, 8.4052437543869

45.799792669964, 8.4052437543869