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Museo Mineralogico Ossolano Aldo Roggiani e Angelo Bianchi

Valli dell'Ossola

The museum, owned by the Centro Studi Piero Ginocchi, contains minerals that can only be found in Verbano Cusio Ossola. They belong to private collectors and are periodically replaced to allow everyone to exhibit their samples. A showcase is dedicated to Aldo Roggiani, thanks to an agreement with the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Turin.

Schools: Free admission for school groups. Maximum 20 pupils.

Credit: Archivio Fotografico Distretto dei Laghi - Lorenzo Pipi

+39 347 809 7419
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Via Bagni 18
28862 - Crodo (VB)

46.2140509, 8.3222488

46.2140509, 8.3222488