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Museo Mineralogico Don Giovanni Bonomo

Valli dell'Ossola

Museum Network: Associazione Musei d'Ossola

How to give a mineral its name

A rich collection of minerals from the Ossola valleys, divided according to the most characteristic paragenesis. The Mineralogical Museum is housed in one of the oldest stone buildings in the village, the former town hall and elementary school, and is the result of a collection that the parish priest, Don Giovanni Bonomo, wished to donate to his community. The collection comprises 3333 specimens, catalogued by name and locality, almost all of which come from the Ossola valleys. The museum, overlooking the main square, was opened in 2002. The collection, exhibited in the room next to the entrance, is arranged along a geographical route. Valuable specimens from private collections are displayed in the basement. There are also four magnificent pieces of Premia ceramics on the side of the mineralogical exhibition.

Accessibility: first floor only
Schools: by contacting the organisation, by reservation only

Credit: Archivio Fotografico Distretto dei Laghi - Lorenzo Pipi

+39 0324 62021
Via Case S. Francesco, 6
28866 - Premia (VB)

46.2687361, 8.3401229

46.2687361, 8.3401229