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Museo Meina

Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore Cultural Park!

The Museo Meina is the cultural park of Lake Maggiore. It is located in the charming Villa Faraggiana Park Chalet setting, with its Art Nouveau buildings and enchanting panoramic views. It offers an original itinerary between multimedia experiences and nature, particularly suitable for families. The highlight of the visit is the 4D "IMAGO" emotional journey, which unfolds in the rooms of the old chalet at the top of the park. Here, large projections, 3D experiences, sounds, visions, and lights transform the spaces and involve the public in an exciting exploration. Accompanied by a friendly virtual narrator, you will journey through centuries of history, science, culture, environment, art, and space, meeting characters who have marked the region's evolution.

The museum experience continues in the Art Nouveau greenhouses, which house medicinal essences, the hillside park, and the 'Magic Area,' where children can enjoy interactive activities. 

Accessible by booking online at
Schools: For organised groups or school parties, please get in touch with us at 0321 231655. Capacity: 50

Credit: Archivio Fotografico Distretto dei Laghi - Lorenzo Pipi

+39 0321 231655
Strada Statale 33, n. 21
28046 - Meina (NO)

45.7809428, 8.5413187

45.7809428, 8.5413187