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Centro museale naturalistico di Valle Strona "Mario Bertolani"

Lago d'Orta

Museum Network: Ecomuseo del Lago d'Orta e Mottarone

MARIO BERTOLANI NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM: The geological history of the valley is presented in an exceptionally well-maintained exhibition, which documents the exceptional phenomenon of the outcropping of rocks from the deep part of the earth's crust (10-15 km), including stromatolite, a typical local rock. Images of the caves dug out of the marble of Mount Turi (a karst phenomenon), once inhabited by prehistoric animals and mentioned in the legends of the witches.

Guided tours in Italian, German and English.
Schools: The museum is inaccessible by large coaches in a small town in the Strona Valley

Credit: Archivio Fotografico Distretto dei Laghi - Lorenzo Pipi

+39 366 4490102
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Piazza San Lorenzo, 1 - c/o ex Scuola Elementare
28897 - Frazione Sambughetto di Valstrona (VB)

45.906210655611, 8.3131474256516

45.906210655611, 8.3131474256516