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Toce Waterfall

At La Frua (1861 m a.s.l.), the Formazza Valley offers what is considered to be the "Alps" most beautiful leap": The Toce Waterfall. The waters of this sensational natural display launch themselves into the void from a height of 143m and reach a width of 60 meters at the base.

Interestingly enough the waters from the waterfall, which are used for hydroelectric purposes, are therefore partially led into a forced duct and are "freed" in all their majestic force, only on certain days and during certain time bands of the summer.
In 1863 a hotel, which caters for those who love hiking in the mountains and on the glaciers, was built next to the summit of the fall. A small Church dedicated to the Madonna della Neve (Snow), dating back to 1621 is situated next to this historical structure.

Continuing along the road one reaches the imposing dam wall of the artifical Lake of Morasco. There is a pleasant and striking route along the entire perimeter of the dam. The walk however goes on: following the trails, one reaches Lake Sabbione (2475m), another splendid artificial lake, where it is possible to break at the comfortable Alpine refuges (Mores, Somma Lombardo and Busto).
From Lake Sabbione, via the Gries Pass (2463 m. a.s.l.) one reaches Switzerland to then re-enter into Italy along the S. Giacomo Pass (2313). On the way back one skirts the shores of Lake Toggia (2191 m. a.s.l.) whose waters are "regenerated" by Lake Castel (2244 m. a.s.l.), which lies above it.

Lower down in the valley it is possible to rest at the last refuge, the Maria Luisa, which is located along the route just before one returns to the level ground lying above the waterfall.

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