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Altus - Borgo Amore

B&B Altus is a small Bed and Breakfast born from the recovery of a medieval house in a semi-abandoned village, and with it traditions, culture and landscape.
Starting from the Latin name "Altus" (tall) the original Roman name of the Borgo (580 s.l.m.). The B&B invites to a new experience of Tourism that leads to pleasant places, better than a theater, to let people live as they once lived.
B&B Altus offers a journey through time ... a rural, guaranteed and sincere opportunity.
At the end of the paved road, in the middle of the Borgo, the bridges with the world are cut and nothing remains but to abandon oneself to the contemplation of Nature, to traditions and to silence
For couples and families:
Ground floor: Kitchen, living room, entrance hall, common bathroom, terrace
Second floor: 2 double bedrooms with balcony, bathroom and anteroom
Outside: double rooms - 1 toilet - living room - breakfast room - terrace and garden.