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Meina Museum is the cultural park of Maggiore Lake located in the park of the Chalet of Villa Faraggiana. A place where nature, architecture and landscape beauties combine with innovative multimedia experiences ideal for a visit with the whole family.

The visit begins with the Ancient Greenhouses of Villa Faraggiana, unique nurseries of its kind, dating back to the nineteenth century and recently restored. Here you will pass through the botanical species and between the panels of the "Micromacro" exhibition with fantastic macro photographic enlargements of colorful butterflies and insects of the area.

The experience continues in the interactive park, which enclose the whole museum and overlooks the Borromeo Angera stronghold with fifty botanical species flowers, fruit trees, hedges, shrubs. The visitors can view on their smartphone multimedia contents with english translation of the history of the park plants.

The core of the visit is the 4D multimedia exhibition "IMAGO: explorations between micro and macro world". In the rooms of the Chalet-museum, the adventures of a strange wizard and a curious little girl come to life in a unique digital experience that can interest adults and children. Thanks to panoramic video projections, multisensory experiences, holograms, digital visions, interactive three-dimensional effects, the viewer is involved at 360 °, investigating the discoveries over the centuries that started from the Lake Maggiore territory between fantasy, history, art and new frontiers. The language of the multimedia exhibition is italian; on request is available a projection with english subtitles.

For the children, are also proposed the digital experiences of the "Magic Area" where is possible to draw and color fantasy characters, which then "magically" will come alive in the attic of Bubo-Clock.

The museum is active all year and visit also take place in bad weather (interactive park suspended with rain).

Following the rules for the containment of Covid-19, the museum is equipped with a safe path. Visitors must wear facial mask and must book the visit on

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