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Ornavasso and the Cadorna Line

Excursion area

All year round

Road access
To reach the starting point, take the A26 motorway in the direction of “Sempione – Confine di Stato” and leave at the exit for Ornavasso.

Description of the itinerary
The "Cadorna Line" defence system dates back to World War I, with a complex network of roads, trenches, walkways and tunnels, cleaned and made available thanks to the efforts of Ornavasso’s Alpine Group. Examples of popular religion can also be seen along the route. From the bus stop in Migiandone head towards Ornavasso until you reach the square of the Punta di Migiandone, where a cannon pays testimony to the presence of fortified structures.
Proceeding along the military road you will encounter the first trenches (4 min) and machine-gun stations, until you reach "Forte di Bara" (27 min) that had to accommodate long-range cannons. You will see a cannon on the square, then go past the place where the flags are raised and the unpaved access road. Go past the junction with the A21 mule track for Mount Massone, you will cross two bridges before you reach the paved road (21 min) for Boden. Proceed on this road until you reach the Shrine of Boden (15 min). Just below starts the mule track leading to the chapels, descend to the area called "La Quiete" (5 min), turn left after the chapels taking the path to the fort of Bara and Migiandone, signposted as "la via delle Vie Crucis" ( 13 min), then take the mule track that descends to Ornavasso and proceed straight to the Parish Church (10 min). Observe the Tower, the Chiesa della Guardia church and some remains of the Castle. Go down a stretch of road to reach the area of the old cemetery, which you should then leave to your right, and proceed along the road that passes below the church. After the steps leading to the church and Via Conciliazione, go past the “Madonna delle Grazie” chapel (10 min) and proceed to the “Laghetto delle Rose” lake (10 min). A path skirts the rocky faces of Ornavasso’s climbing walls, leading to the square where the route started (15 min).

Bus line no.12 - Routes: A00 - A21 - A25. Recommended equipment: Walking boots.

Tourist information
Antica Cava di Ornavasso: Tel. 0324 346102 - 366 5314145 -

Santuario del Boden: Via Al Boden - Ornavasso
Tel. 0323 837298 -

Tourist Office of Domodossola: Piazza Matteotti 24 - 28845 Domodossola
Tel. 0324 248265 -