jeu, 11/11/2010
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"AroNatale". The town on the lake turns into a crib!

"AroNatale". The town on the lake becomes a crib!

The sound of reed-pipes, the aroma of mulled wine, the taste of roast chestnuts, the happy lyrics… everything in Arona, very nice town on Lake Maggiore.
This is „AroNatale”, one of the most important Christmas event of Verbano region.

200 stands will offer a lot of beautiful hand-made works (hats, scarves, furnishing objects, jewellery, cribs and Christmas decorations), gastronomic specialties (bio-products or homely cuisine) with gorgeous tastings and funny toys for children (wooden or recycled material objects).

On December 12th in the historical centre of Arona, between Piazza S. Graziano and Piazza del Popolo.

Info: Tel. +39 0322 243601,