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Sempione Boutique Hotel

Sempione Boutique Hotel is reborn on the foundations of one of the historic hotels in Stresa, the pearl of Lake Maggiore. Known as Albergo Sempione, in 1880 it was among the first three accommodation facilities to open in the city. Although it simple style, it boasted a unique view and tranquility compared to the others. The less touristy but more intimate lakeside promenade, the plants and the only stretch of water in front of it have made it very popular over the decades.
In June 2022, after a major renovation, its doors reopen. The Sempione Boutique Hotel is born: a new frontier of welcome and hospitality. A place where the relationship with the traveler, no longer a tourist, is empathic and direct. There are no barriers between you and the landlord. A continuous flow of human interactions, capable of influencing the discovery of the territory and its beauties, while letting the feeling of curiosity spread and guide the stranger through the true essence of his personal journey.