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Casa Fantini Lake Time

Casa Fantini is a ‘tranquil haven’ designed to resemble a contemporary, sophisticated home. The place is a tribute to so-called lake time - the slow pace of life on the water’s edge. The hotel has just 11 rooms, all of which offer breath-taking views of the lake. The heart of the place is the elegant and cosy lounge. In the garden, with the water of the swimming pool being a constant presence, time passes slowly, it almost does not exist.
The restaurant offers the possibility to eat in the tranquility of the garden or the dining room.

Casa Fantini also offers an exclusive “Personal SPA” service. Every room features a comfortable shower cabin with a professional private hammam, in a combination of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. Immerse yourself in a cloud of hydrotherapeutic steam, soaking up all of the psychophysical benefits and allowing the steam to relax your body and mind.