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The Witches’ Cave of Sambughetto

Excursion area
Strona Valley (VB)

All year round

Road access
To reach the start of the excursion, take the Strona Valley road from Omegna. About 400 metres after the town of Piana di Fornero, leave the provincial road and take the road on the left towards the marble quarry. The entrance to the cave is located within the quarry’s current boundaries.

Description of the itinerary
The caves of Sambughetto are undoubtedly the most interesting underground complex of the Strona Valley, a land rich in caves, a fact of which most are unaware. It is a distinctive environment with a unique charm and its integrity and originality is quite astonishing. Winding passages, exciting trails, waterfalls, ravines and small rooms of spectacular beauty. A unique opportunity to discover a hidden and extraordinary, upside-down world.
An excursion offering you the opportunity to enjoy an experience you always dreamed of but never dared to do! Have you ever imagined surrendering to the absolute darkness of the bowels of the earth, listening to the “noisy” silence, slipping through its gorges and following its winding paths? A new experience, something magical that cannot be compared with the routes in tourist caves equipped with handrails, cement walkways and artificial light.
It’s impossible to describe the incredible feeling that you get when you turn the lights off down there: down there everything is a mystery, everything is a discovery. Thanks to the careful guidance of an experienced nature guide and speleologist, and even without special equipment and specific expertise on the subject, you will be taken on this exciting adventure in search of the most precious gift offered by these caves: the sight of a truly unspoilt and well-preserved environment. This adrenaline-pumping experience must only be undertaken with the supervision of an experienced speleologist and a hiking guide who will accompany you in complete safety during the descent. No special athletic skills or knowledge of cave exploring or mountaineering techniques are required for this experience.

CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Novara who normally conduct the visits (visit alone not possible): tel. +39 0321 625775 -

Comune (Municipality) of VALSTRONA (VB), Strona Valley: tel. +39 0323 87117 -