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Sacro Monte Calvario, Anzuno and Tappia

Excursion area
Domodossola and hamlets (circular route)

Road access
To reach the starting point, take the A26 motorway in the direction of “Sempione – Confine di Stato” and leave at the exit for Domodossola. Follow the signs for Sacro Monte Calvario.

Description of the itinerary
The itinerary takes you along the “Via alta” (now known as Via dei Torchi e dei Mulini) through the high hamlets between Domodossola and Villadossola, rediscovering country life amidst presses, mills and old furnaces.
Travel to Sacro Monte Calvario by bus (Line 40 from the station square) or by car, then walk up to Crossiggia (6 min) where a mule track will take you to St. Anthony’s oratory in Anzuno (28 min). It then passes through the village, with its press, school and furnace until it reaches the valley of Rio Anzuno (12 min) where you can visit the mills and the old soapstone quarry. After the Cappella dell’Oro (8 min), it skirts round the cemetery of Tappia before reaching the church dedicated to St. Zeno. From the church square you enter the old village of Tappia (13 min) with many beautiful examples of traditional architecture, fountains, an old furnace and a press. A mule track leads from Tappia to Valpiana (20 min). From the church, a mule track leads to the town of Gabi Valle (12min), before reaching Rogoledo (10 min), after passing an arched bridge. Proceeding to Quartero, you will soon reach the church of Crossiggia (14 min) and consequently the starting point (7 min).

Tourist information
Ente di Gestione della Riserva Naturale Speciale Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola
B.ta Sacro Monte Calvario 5 - 28845 Domodossola
Tel. 0324 241976 -

- www.sacromontedomodossola.com
Tourist Office of Domodossola: Piazza Matteotti 24 - 28845 Domodossola
Tel. 0324 248265 -