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A nice walk from Arona to Montrigiasco

Departure location: Tourist Office of Arona
Place of arrival: Montrigiasco
Maximum altitude: 445 mt
Type of route: mixed (asphalt, trail, dirt road)
Signs: white/green signs, yellow CAI dots and white/red CAI trails
Water: fountains in Arona and Montrigiasco

Starting from the Touristic Office of Arona proceed north on Corso Repubblica.
You will arrive at a roundabout, turn left on Via Giacomo Matteotti.
Go straight for 150 mt and at the next roundabout proceed straight on.
Continue on Via Roma for 550 mt, then turn left slightly and take Via Partigiani.
Proceed for 160 mt and turn left.
Continue for another 120 mt and then turn right slightly to remain on Via Partigiani.
Proceed for about 150 mt until you reach a stairway (CAUTION: the stairway is particularly steep and in case of rain or humidity it could be slippery. In alternative, you go around it by taking the paved road, but pay attention to the cars because there is no sidewalk).
Once you reach the top of the stairway turn right and after 50 mt take Via Belvedere on your left.
Proceed straight for 100 mt and the turn right.
Go straight of 75 mt and turn left to remain on Via Belvedere.
Proceed for 100 mt and stay on the left to continue on Via Belvedere for 375 mt.
Turn right and proceed on Via Belvedere for about 500 m until you arrive on Via del Tiro a Segno.
Proceed for 400 m and turn left on Via Valle Vevera and after 50 mt proceed throught the path that you will find on your right for about 340 mt, then turn right and continue for about 150 mt.
Once you reach Via Pianelle, turn left and proceed for 100 mt and then turn right on Via Masera.
Proceed for 200 mt and the continue straight remaining on the left.
Turn right and proceed for 150 mt taking the dirt road on your left.
Proceed straight for 250 mt until you arrive on Via Sant’Eufemia and continue for about 230 mt then turn right taking another path, the one that will take you to Montrigiasco.
Beginning of the old clattered mule track that connects Sant’Eufemia to Montrigiasco.
This part is a little rough and in case of rain or humidity it could be slippery.
After 850 mt turn left and after 50 mt turn right, then continue for 400 mt.
Turn right, proceed for 100 mt and then turn right once again.
Continue on the path for about 420 mt and stay on your left.
Once you arrive on Via Cristoforo Colombo proceed for 80 mt and turn right on Via Bernardo Baglioni.
Proceed for 120 mt on Via Bernardo Baglioni and stay on the right.
You will arrive at the fountain of Montrigiasco where you can refresh yourself.
The journey ends here, welcome to Montrigiasco.

For Information: Tourist Office Arona +39 0322 243601 -