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Mergozzo and Montorfano

Starting point

Point of Arrival
Cima del Montorfano

Spring and summer

Road access
To reach the starting point, take the A26 motorway in the direction of “Sempione – Confine di Stato” and leave at the exit for Mergozzo.

Description of the itinerary
The route is characterised by the village of Mergozzo, used as a defensive stronghold in all ages, and the Cadorna Line, the last of the defences added to this place.
From the bus stop in Piazza Vecchio Olmo, take the main road to the Parish Church, then just across the way from the steps take the road leading to the house of the Knights of Malta, then turn left to the Church of St. Mark (6 min). The road runs along the left side and, after the railway, continues with the chapel on the right, past the turning for the "Garden" to Rubianco chapel (12 min). From here you turn slightly to the left and join a wide path that goes up to the green granite quarry (17 min) and then continues to the barracks of the Cadorna Line (7 min). Proceed along the "Cadorna" road to the junction of the Polveriere (14 min) and after a short walk on level ground (4 min) you will reach the "gunpowder keg" area. Return to the junction and start to climb to the top of Montorfano (30 min). Before descending, it’s worth spending a little time at the top, where you can admire a 360° view. Starting from the signal repeaters, the path drops steeply until it meets the old quarry slide for quarry blocks known as the "strusa" (20 min) and then continues to Montorfano’s climbing wall (16 min). From here the route follows a road suitable for off-road vehicles to the town of Montorfano (10 min) where you can have a meal at the local trattoria. A tour of the town reveals characteristic and carefully preserved stone architecture and the beautiful Church of St. John. Finally, descend the paved road to the crossroads with the mule track leading to Mergozzo (45 min).

Milan-Domodossola railway line (Line 302) - Bus No. 12 - Routes: A0 - A56 - A58
Recommended equipment: Walking boots

Tourist information
Museo Civico (Civic Museum) Antiquarium: Corso Roma 8 - 28802 Mergozzo
Tourist Office of Mergozzo: Corso Roma 20 - 28802 Mergozzo
Tel. 0323 800935 -