Excursions and trekking
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Mazzucone Ring – Walking in the Sky

From the main square of Quarna Sopra (860 m) go up to the parish church, along the paved road, continue on the dirt road and follow the signs.
To Alpe Preer, you leave the dirt road, turn right and follow the path on the wooded hill, which starts to give beautiful views of the Lake Orta gradually becomes steeper, until you get to a clearing with a cross, the Colle della Frera.
Continue up to Mount Saccarello where there is a chapel with a picture of the Madonna. From here, continue following the panoramic on ridge path of Mazzucone (1474) that can easily reach the summit. Giving a magnificent view.
From Monte Mazzucone descend on the opposite side to Alpe Camasca, here following signs for Quarna Sopra, you take a beautiful dirt road and very flat Alpe Ruschini before falling in the country to the starting point to close the Ring.