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Via Crucis: from Domodossola to Sacro Monte Calvario, a route amidst faith, art and nature

Excursion area

All year round

Road access
To reach the starting point, take the A26 motorway in the direction of “Confine di Stato” and leave at the exit for Domodossola. Follow the signs for Sacro Monte Calvario.

Description of the itinerary
From the cultural town of Domodossola, proceed on the centrally located Via Rosmini, then take Via Mattarella towards the outskirts of the city and in just a few minutes you will reach the city’s distinctive Via Crucis: an ideal route for all seasons, taking you to Colle di Mattarella (400 metres a.s.l.), on which Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola was built in the mid 1600s. The route consists of fifteen chapels containing life-size statues narrating the path of the Passion of Christ: a sacred art collection of great value where you can discover a haven of peace and tranquillity not far from the Ossola town. From the panoramic terrace of the park of Sacro Monte, your view will encompass the entire Alpine Arc surrounding Domodossola, a natural observation point.
Colle di Mattarella, on which Sacro Monte Calvario was built, has a history dating back to ancient times. This has been confirmed by some cupels and sharpening tools identified on a rocky outcrop within the gardens of the Rosminian Fathers. Some graves covered with stone slabs containing skeletons, swords, arrows and spears had already been discovered at the end of the nineteenth century during agricultural work. A fragment of an early Christian marble gravestone dating back to 539 AD, the oldest document confirming the presence of Christianity in the Ossola region, was also found in 1977.
Sacro Monte Calvario was awarded the status of special nature reserve of the Piedmont Region in 1991 and has recently been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourist information
Ente di Gestione della Riserva Naturale Speciale Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola
B.ta Sacro Monte Calvario 5 - 28845 Domodossola
Tel. 0324 241976
Tourist Office of Domodossola: Piazza Matteotti 24 - 28845 Domodossola
Tel. 0324 248265 -