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La Bocchetta di Rimella

Excursion area
Strona Valley (VB)

Starting point
Campello Monti 1,305 metres a.s.l.

Punto of Arrival
Bocchetta di Rimella 1,924 metres a.s.l.

The best seasons are spring and autumn when the clear, cold weather offers some spectacular views. This excursion is not feasible with snow.

Road access
To reach the starting point of the excursion take the A26 motorway, leaving at Gravellona Toce. Follow the signs for Omegna. Shortly before reaching Omegna, take the road for the Strona Valley. Continue to the last town of the valley: Campello Monti. There is plenty of parking there.

Description of the itinerary
After the bridge, pass through the narrow streets in the village until you reach another small bridge. Signposts on the wide and well-maintained mule track will lead you first to Alpe del Vecchio at an altitude of 1,465 metres a.s.l. and then to Alpe Scarpia at an altitude of 1,693 metres a.s.l. Take the path on the left bank of Rio Colma that after a steep climb leads to Bocchetta di Rimella at 1,924 metres a.s.l. You can lengthen the return journey slightly with a circular itinerary taking in the main pastures of the Strona Valley. To do this take the path through the upper valley of Campello, which passes the ruins of Alpe Calzino at an altitude of 1,852 metres a.s.l. and leads to Alpe Capezzone at 1,845 metres a.s.l.
An easy and well-marked path leads from Alpe Capezzone to Campello Monti.

Tourist information
Tourist Office of Omegna: Via Piazza XXIV Aprile 17 - 28887 Omegna
Tel. 0323 61930 -