Donkey trekking
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The alps of southern Cistella

Excursion area
Divedro Valley

Starting point
Mauolone Sotto, Varzo

Point of arrival
Alpeggio of Marasca

Road access
To reach the starting point, take the A26 motorway in the direction of “Sempione – Confine di Stato” and leave at the exit for Varzo.

Description of the itinerary
Departure from Mauolone Sotto, on the road to San Domenico. Walk up through the pastures of Chioso, Torba, Merlo, Calaioni, Dorcia and the Croso, till you reach Alpe Coatè at an altitude of 1,795 metres. The route continues to rise to the pasture of Marzasca, then descends to Rono and Solcio where the Italian Alpine Club of Gallarate has their refuge. Descend along an agricultural-forestry-pastoral path that takes in many areas distinguished by the presence of renovated cabins, before returning to the starting point. You can see nearly all of the species of flora present in the valley on this route as it starts from a height at which chestnuts, beeches and alders grow, continuing to the high mountain pastures where centuries-old larches live, hardened by time and the weather conditions. It is often possible to encounter and observe examples of the many species of wild animals present in the area. It is also interesting to make contact with those who, with great effort and many sacrifices, still move the cattle up to the alps and breed cattle during the summer.

Tourist information
Tourist Office of Domodossola: Piazza Matteotti 24 - 28845 Domodossola
Tel. 0324 248265 -

Associazione Allevatori Asini (Donkey Breeders’ Association) - Marco Rossetti – 335.6845011