Thu, 01/10/2020
print this page it is online a technologically unique portal, completely dedicated to outdoor activities of Distretto Turistico dei Laghi, Monti e Valli dell’Ossola!

We start the winter section with a perspective of launching anticipately the winter and snow related tourism!

Soon, it will also be available a portal dedicated to summer outdoor activities, with new green 3D maps, marked itineraries and thousands of sport activities doable between lakes and mountains!

The portal, that was possible to visit until now, will not loose its classic but precious contents compared to, which are more functional:
 The skiing stations section, includes all 16 skiing resorts of Neveazzurra and the exclusive 3D FATMAP dedicated to each skiing station with their respective useful information.
 The Snow Report section (with the new service – always updated by each skiing station’s staff members – in partnership with
 The weather forecast section (that complete the series of answers to the main requests asked from users looking for winter outdoor activities)
 The webcam section (with a unique circuit of webcams of the territory, with frequent shots directly taken from skiing stations)
 The Experience section (with proposals, ideas, offers of our operators)
 The Event section (one of the most followed section, the most complete of the territory and daily updated – this service is edited by Distretto Turistico dei Laghi))
 The Hospitality section (the most complete of the territory and daily updated by Distretto Turistico dei Laghi).
 The Newsletter section (to access our periodical publications)
 The eBook section, completely dedicated to outdoor (with digital versions available for reading, download and the possibility to see online some brochures and flyers edited by Distretto Turistico dei Laghi also available for printing) has been realised with the most modern technologies and includes functions related to each other but also independent, as the 3D FATMAPs in ‘snow version’ (created by using satellite tri-stereoscopic HD images) of all skiing stations; in the maps, there are some functions and ways of professionally consulting as Zoom, Rotation, Geolocalizzazione, Crevasse and flatlands, Avalanche, altitude and all is needed to give the user a 360° vision of the area.

The FATMAP platform chosen by SportNet in accordance with Distretto Turistico dei Laghi, constantly work to help users to find the best open-air experiences through the rich 3D drawing tool or the API interface for the incorporation of advanced contents and tools to undertake virtual paths that make the discovery of our territory exciting and engaging. The numbers of the FATMAP community ( , of which as of today also our territory is part of, guarantees the operators an enormous visibility at a global level: more than 400,000 accounts have registered on FATMAP with over 3 million users active on the platform – with an age between 18 and 54 years old, with a passion for multiple sports (skiing, excursions by foot and bike). The platform is suitable for mountain professionals as well as beginners.

An exclusive enrichment for the portal, an instrument that brings the highest grade of engagement, for tourism promotion of high level and for a territorial propaganda for sport and nature lovers.

1  At a design level, the portal is born for running with devices of traditional responsive interface and touchscreen (for instance smartphones, tablets and LFD touchscreen). It is thought for properly working on displays wide at least 1024 pixel, but that will proportionally scale at the dimension of the window of the terminal in execution, also by adjusting at an horizontal and vertical view.
The App is also thought as a single page, for a dynamic exploration experience, with continuous and fluid views as well as grouped contents coherently surfable without scrolling by complex menus; but, by remaining inside the same page through a navigation that is synchronised with the menu, also for the map.
2  The contents and multimedia website is completely searchable in full-text mode and in SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization, activity aimed at improving data positioning and visibility available in a website) and has been optimised for the indexing from the principal search engines and follows the Google criteria for the organic indexing. The system is indeed equipped of an internal search engine.
3  Finally, a look at the backend architecture, realised with the very common open source technologies that have enabled the use of best practice, to focus on the development of realisation of specific contents. The frontend has been created with HTML5 technology, for an easier usability from more modern devices and for respecting the accessibility following the guidelines of the Italian Digital Agency. All the contents are managed by a CMS (Content Management System) based on Wordpress platform. The website will be soon available also in a multilingual version.

A sincere thanks is given to Marco Benedetto Cerini, photographer and picture-poet, that thanks to his passion for mountains, has been able to provide us with unique shots, which instil the beauty, uniqueness and vastness of nature and its locations that users will able to discover through the navigation of our new website.


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