Fri, 25/06/2021
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WWW.LAGOMAGGIOREXPERIENCE.IT: the "green" version of the Lakes Tourist District is now online, with beautiful nature and outdoor experiences dedicated to the summer season!


After the launch of the "blue" winter section ( the portal of the "green" activities is now available, with new 3D maps dedicated to itineraries and routes and the thousands of sports activities that can be practiced in our lakes and mountains.

A portal that is now more complete than ever (alongside the institutional website, covering the entire territory under the jurisdiction of our Tourist Organization, which in both summer and winter lends itself to a thousand outdoor activities, between lakes, parks, hills and mountains of impressive beauty, recognised and appreciated also at the international level by foreign tourists who choose to visit us due to their love for "active tourism".

Two fundamental contents distinguish the summer section:

a) The "routes" section, with 100 uploaded itineraries including assisted mountain trails, trekking routes, bike paths, devotional paths and great hiking routes. Each route includes the eagerly awaited 3D FATMAPs in the "green" version (created using high-resolution tri-stereoscopic satellite images), with the well-known viewing modes and functions, including professional ones, such as zoom, rotation, geolocation, crevasses and flat areas, altitude, and everything needed to give the user a 360° view of the area.
The numbers of the FatMap community (, of which our area is a part, guarantee the operators enormous visibility worldwide: more than 400,000 accounts registered on FATMAP with over 3 million unique users active on the entire platform - aged between 18 and 54, passionate about a variety of sports (skiing, hiking and cycling) between "new explorers" and many mountain professionals.
b) The 360° videos dedicated to two of the most scenic and naturalistic bike routes in the area, the "Grande Est di Devero" and "La Linea Cadorna del Verbano". The 360° video is a tool that guarantees the highest degree of involvement, for high-level tourism promotion and for making the area known to sports and nature lovers. Both videos are realized with subjective shots and the inclusion of dynamic three-dimensional maps, all connected and synchronized to a single environment that will give life to a truly immersive video leading the users in the discovery of the most beautiful areas to admire during their outdoor activities.
The video section will be further enriched during the summer thanks to the ITA-CH Interreg project "Lakes and Mountains on Bike".

The portal, which can be viewed as of now, also makes the following sections available to the user:

↠ "Tourist destinations", with information sheets on all the valleys and lake areas
↠ Weather (which completes the range of answers to the main requests of users seeking information related to summer outdoor activities)
↠ Webcams (the only webcam circuit in the area, with frequent shots taken directly from the main tourist locations in the area. This section is currently being updated)
↠ Experiences (with proposals, ideas and offers from our operators)
↠ Events (among the most popular sections, this is the most complete in the area and is updated daily - a service provided by our Tourist Organization)
↠ Hospitality (the most complete in the area and updated daily)
↠ Newsletter (to access our periodical information)
↠ E-books, completely dedicated to the outdoors (with the digital versions of the printed brochures published by our Tourist Organization that can be viewed, downloaded and printed)
↠ the brand new sections "Rentals", "Tourist Guides", "Adventure Parks" and "Nature Reserves".
↠ the "Social", "Contacts" and "How to get there" sections.

In terms of design, the portal will automatically switch between the summer and winter version, offering the user the right content according to the current season.

The site is also designed to work with traditional responsive and touch devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets and touchscreen LFDs). The web application is also designed as a single page, for a dynamic exploration experience, with continuous and fluid displays and content grouped and navigable coherently without going through complex menus but remaining within the same page through menus and a map.

Regarding content and multimedia, the site is searchable in full-text mode and, in terms of SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation, activities aimed at improving the positioning of information on a website) it has been optimised to be indexed by the main search engines and follows Google's criteria for organic indexing. The site is also equipped with an internal search engine.

Content of interest can also be printed with a view to providing offline support to tourist offices and users. Moreover, the site supports the interaction with the main social networks of the Lakes Tourist District.

Finally, a look at the architecture of the frontend, made with HTML5 technology, for easier usability by the most modern devices and to comply with the accessibility guidelines of the Italian Digital Agency.

All content is managed by a CMS (Content Management System) based on the Wordpress platform.

The "green" site is already available in a multilingual version: Italian, English, French and German.

Finally, we would like to thank Marco Benedetto Cerini, who, thanks to his passion for the mountains and hiking, has been able to provide us with unique images that convey the beauty, uniqueness and immensity of the nature and places that you will discover by browsing our new site!

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