Fri, 05/10/2018
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The new WELLNESS section on the offer of modern thermal baths and spa hotels to all relax lovers!

Our Tourism Board “Distretto Turistico dei Laghi” enriches its web site content with the new section WELLNESS, related to local modern thermal baths and spa hotels investing so much in development and innovation in the Wellness sector and attracting more and more tourists every year.


Included in the project:

- A PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE edited in Italian and in English: description of the territory, the two thermal centres of Bognanco and Premia and the Vanzonis spring waters of Vanzone con San Carlo; list of accommodation facilities (from 3 stars to 5 stars hotels) with spa and wellness centres on Lake Maggiore, on Lake Orta and in the Ossola Valleys. CLICK HERE to consult, download and leaf through the brochure (upon free registration on our website).

- AN EXPERIENCE VIDEO: a virtual journey to the tourist destination “Distretto Turistico del Laghi, Monti e Valli dell’Ossola” and its thermal centres of Bognanco and Premia. Discover our spring waters, which are packed with history and health benefits. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

- A PHOTO GALLERY: more than 270 high quality images by a professional photographer about the thermal baths of Bognanco and Premia with the help of 2 models, showing the beauty of spa areas, their services and makings as well. These images further enrich the photo archive of “Distretto Turistico del Laghi” and are available to anyone for promotional purposes.

- A NEW WEB AREA DEDICATED TO "WELLNESS" the territory, its natural features, the accommodation facilities with a wellness service and the thermes of Bognanco and Premia. The wellness section is available in Italian, French, English and German.

The thermal baths of Bognanco and Premia, the Vanzonis thermal spring waters, high quality accommodation facilities with wellness service: relaxation and treatments to all ages, in a respectful contest of natural beauty around our lakes and mountains. All of above contributes to make this territory to be enjoyed all year around!

"Terre di Benessere" tra Laghi e Monti