15 Jul

ORTA SAN GIULIO - XXIII ed. Orta Festival: American Standards for Piano

XXIII ed. di Orta Festival

American Standards for Piano
Saturday, July 15th 2023
Orta S.Giulio, Chiesa dell’Assunta, at 21.00

Rossano Sportiello - pianoforte
Da George Gershwin a Duke Ellington

We must admit that Woody Allen was truly lucky to play his clari- net with Rossano Sportiello during his jazz performances at Carlyle Café in New York, where the great film director regularly plays for fun on Mondays year-round.
Rossano Sportiello (who has been living in New York for 17 years) studied in Italy and international critics consider him one of the Top Stride contemporary Piano players in the world.
The legendary pianist Barry Harris, mentor and friend of Rossano, actually defines him “the best Stride pianist ever”.
To attend a concert by Sportiello is “a unique experience, a plunge in time into the history of jazz, a sound voyage to be listened to in quasi-religious silence and with a smile, because his music is elegance, fluidity, clarity, swing: a sort of XXIst century Fats Waller”. His piano style is a living inheritance of
a happy kaleidoscope of thirty years of jazz history, from the 1930s to the early 1960s, pas- sing through Teddy Wilson, Art Tatum, Hank Jones, Tommy Flana- gan, Count Basie.
In New York, he performs regularly at Lincoln Center, at the Blue Note, Birdland, Carnegie Hall and is a guest musician for many jazz festivals (from S. Diego to Rochester) alongside musicians such as Dan Barrett, Barry Harris, Scott Hamilton, etc. In 2005, he received the prestigious “Prix du Jazz Classique de l’Académie du Jazz de France” award and in 2009 the “Ascona Jazz Award” at the Ascona Jazz Festival (Switzerland).

Entrance € 15
Reduced entrance € 10 (under 25)
Subscriptions 7 concerti € 90

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