12 Aug - 15 Oct

ANTRONA SCHIERANDO - Visite guidate alla Miniera d'oro del Taglione - Valle Antrona (VB

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Visite guidate alla Miniera d'oro del Taglione in Valle Antrona (VB) dal sabato 12 agosto alla domenica 15 ottobre 2023

The Taglione gold mine in Antrona Schieranco (VB) opens to the public, recovered and made safe by the Ossola Protected Areas Management Body as part of the Interreg Italy-Switzerland project "Mineralp", conducted in cooperation between partner of Valle d'Aosta Region, Piedmont Region and Switzerland (Cantons of Valais and Ticino).
This is an important element that adds to the local development activities that the Ossola Protected Areas Management Body has been carrying out for several years now, with the participation of the Administrations, local communities and various actors in the area.
A visit to the Taglione mine constitutes a further possibility of getting to know the Antrona Valley, expanding the attractions already present in the area.
The gold mining activity in Valle Antrona seems to have ancient origins but the exploitation became industrial starting from the second half of the 1800s and involved the excavation of numerous tunnels and the creation of entire villages of miners. The exploitation of the gold-bearing veins ended immediately after the Second World War.
Located near Locasca and the town of Prabernardo (in the Municipality of Antrona Schieranco), the Taglione mine is one of the many tunnels present in the mining area, which has held considerable importance for the territory of the Ossola valley, but it is the the only one authorized by the Piedmont Region for visits and use.
The management of the visits has been entrusted (following a public tender) to the GeoExplora study of the Geologist and Environmental Hiking Guide Enrico Zanoletti, which will make use of the collaboration of a group of specialized Guides on the mining heritage specially trained within the MINERALP project.
The Guides will safely accompany visitors inside the tunnel, making them discover the history of mining in the valley and the hard life of the miners who searched for veins of gold ore in the bowels of the mountain.
The visit takes place with only the front light mounted on the helmets provided to visitors and lasts 1 hour: internally the temperature is around 10°C, therefore warm clothing is recommended and trekking shoes are mandatory.
The mine can be reached from Prabernardo or Locasca with an easy path in about 30 minutes from the parking lot.
On the opening dates, four viewing shifts will be organized (at 10am, 11:30am, 2:30pm and 4:00pm), with meeting at the mine at least 15 minutes before.
All the information relating to dates, methods of visit, costs and necessary clothing can be found on the website www.geoexplora.net, where it is also possible to register for visits by choosing the preferred date and time. Registration is compulsory, since there are only 10 places available for each visit.

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