Trarego Viggiona
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You start from the ground and climb up to 1,009 meters: an adrenaline rush and a splendid view of Lake Maggiore are waiting for you!
4 Adventure Trails: 4 levels of courage.
Wear the harness and the helmet and get ready to use your muscles. From the ground up to 1.009 meters, you will experience a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore and the adrenaline of a trail suspended in the void. At the end there is a fast descent with the pulley. The adventure trail includes about 50 platforms. It is the perfect solution to spend a day surrounded by nature, challenging yourself. It is suitable for who at least reaches 110cm in height: you don’t have to be too big for a great adventure. Even who is looking for adrenaline likes Wonderwood: the black track, up to 9 metres, is suitable for the more adventurous (but they must be more than 1,40 meters tall). It is a 100% safe adventure park thanks to Zaza 2 system. To enter the park, you have to wear closed shoes. It is suggested also a good rubber outsole. We will give you helmets and harnesses.