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The way of the Azaleas

The area known as South Vergante is known as the "Way of the Azaleas" because this flower is grown and cured in this territory within a well established tradition.

The azaleas, in this sunny climate that benefits from the lake climate, has found the ideal conditions in order to develop and flower, giving their best. Azaleas, ericacee from the rhododendron genus, live both outdoand at home and they are slow-growing plants which bloom in spring; offers splashes of color ranging from pale pink to softer intense pink.
In springtime you can admire their qualities in public parks, gardens and in flowerbeds of the municipalities. There are so many nursery gardeners in the area of Vergante who cultivate this plant and there are also many festivals that are organized to present Azalea and to celebrate it.
During the month of May, for example, you can found it in many local contexts and exhibitions, as the lakeside of Arona, Stresa and other resorts. The town of Massino Visconti, at last, organizes the event "Massino ... in bloom", an appointment at which experts in botany, but also common lovers of Azalea can not miss.