Orta San Giulio
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Villa Motta

Visiting the garden needs an appointment, groups no more than 25,8euros each, one free.
The mansion is located at the tip of Orta’s peninsula, it is faced right to the lake.
The palace was built in the second half of nineteenth century, than was bought in 1910 by Giacinto Motta, a founder of the Italian Electricity Industry, who enlarged it in different moments, enriching the preciousness until make it as an eclectic sense.
The mansion is site of political meeting, in 1939, there was a secret convention between marshal Caviglia and some exponents of the Italian Industry, this meeting would have cost the detachment between Fascism and Industry.
In 1943 and 45, during the partisan Resistance, the palace was used as a refuge and a stop for refugees in Swiss direction.
The garden, started in 1880 and enlarged without interruptions to date, arrives until the hill that borders the mansion.
What is different from the other parks is that the garden is decorated with rare species groves (camellias, osmanti and rhododendrons) and hedges of roses and azaleas.
Therefore the garden is very sunny and its paths give lot of kind of sights of Lake of Orta and San Giulio Island. Flowerings last all the year round, rotating roses (May-October), osmanti (September-October), wintry camellias, spring camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas.